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Great Print Templates for Business

Urban Catelogue

Effective communication and marketing strategies are at the core of success for business. The ability to engage with consumers through intelligent and relevant corporate collateral facilitates not only the sharing of knowledge and expertise in a compelling voice, but also helps reinforce the public foundations of your brand.

Whilst seeking the services of a professional to shape your corporate image is always preferable, sometimes resources and time can prove prohibitive. That’s why we’ve put together a list of great pre-made print templates for businesses.

To make our list, templates needed to:

  • Be adaptable for a range of businesses and branding styles.
  • Have a clear hierarchy of information.
  • Be of a stylish, relevant and practical design. There’s no point in buying a template unsuitable for print reproduction if that’s what you need. Just because it looks good on screen doesn’t mean it’s going to work well in print.
  • Be created in an appropriate program. PSD files for print layout just aren’t going to cut it here.
  • Make life easier as an effective tool for business owners and operators.
Annual Report
Annual Report Brochure

Annual reports are a comprehensive detailing of a company’s activities and financial performance during the preceding year. The ability to effectively communicate relevant information to investors and consumers should be the key concern of an annual report.

Annual Report Brochure is a clean, professional and modern 24-page template design which is easily adaptable to your corporate identity and presents information clearly and beautifully.

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Quoter – Proposal & Invoice Template

A proposal is a formal, written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer. Because of their nature as a key step in complex sales processes, a stylish and professional proposal which works to sell your products or services is one of the most important assets to a business. An effective proposal showcases your business, team, product and service, educating the buyer about your expertise and how you will satisfy their needs.

Quoter is a highly customisable proposal template which not only looks great and streamlines functionality with the use of text variables and auto-sum features, but also contains real text. Available in both InDesign and Word formats, Quoter opens up beautiful and professional proposal delivery to all business. And as an added bonus, the invoice included in Quoter not only comes with an auto-sum feature, which means you can update the financial tables on the fly, but also an HTML5 template letting you invoice wherever you are.

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Urban Catelogue
Urban Store Catalogue

Product catalogues are designed to promote product sales. A successful catalogue is designed to showcase inventory in the most positive light. An uncluttered, stylish design which appeals to consumers aspirations is the most effective way to achieve this.

Urban Store Catalogue is a contemporary minimalist approach to product promotions. The effective use of white-space and large imagery allows viewer focus to be uninterrupted by superfluous design elements, making the product the true hero of the catalogue.

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Company Profile
Company Profile

An effective company profile introduces you to prospective clientele and showcases your knowledge, expertise and product in the best possible light. Company profiles are, generally speaking, a concise description which may include information pertaining to the history of the business, exploration of its mission statement, a profile of its talent base, physical resources and details about its organisational and management structure. Often, previous client testimonials are added to reinforce the company’s effectiveness and reputation.

Profile is a sleek and bold presentation document which allows you to showcase your work with high-resolution, full-bleed imagery in a sensible and dynamic layout. The suggested text inclusions are informative without being wordy or cumbersome and the colour palettes are simple to change to match your brand.

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Multipurpose Trifold brochures Vol. II

Trifold brochures are one of the most prevalent forms of advertising owing to its cost-effective nature. Because of its format, businesses have the ability to turn out small quantities of trifold brochures through digital print. Trifold brochures are a handy and compact form of condensed promotion or information dispersal.

Multipurpose Trifold Brochures Vol.II are fully editable and beautifully arranged examples of trifold brochure templates. Highly adaptable, concise and informative they can help the savvy business operator save both time and money.

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Business Flyer/Ad Template

A business flyer (or pamphlet) is a widely distributed format for marketing communications. Like the trifold brochure, single sheet flyers are preferred as a cost-effective method of communication for everything from product descriptions to events promotions and corporate information.

Business Flyer/Ad Template is a dynamic and striking design which is suitable for use as a flyer or traditional magazine ad. The simple colour scheme and layout do not distract from the information being communicated. It is a highly adaptable template which stands out from the crowd.

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Business Flyer/Ad/Product Sheet

Product sheets are a form of marketing communication which generally contain specific information about one product or range. Whilst flyers and advertisements, need to clearly convey information by engaging the viewer and tempting them for more, product data sheets go further by helping to fine tune a consumers focus. Often used as an effective comparison tool, product sheets generally include detailed specifications.

Business Flyer/Ad/Product Sheet is a multipurpose single age design well suited to product information documents. Its uncomplicated layout facilitates effective information communication with a clean and modern design which can be adapted to suit individual company branding with ease.

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Business Newsletter Vol. II

Newsletters are regularly distributed publications, generally about one topic or organisation, that is of interest to its subscribers. As with flyers and brochures, newsletters are a common marketing strategy because of their cost effectiveness, but tend to focus more on news, upcoming events and contact information. Because of the frequency of their delivery and their position as a staple in corporate stationery development, newsletters generally follow the same layout from issue to issue to aid in brand recognition.

Business Newsletter Vol. II is a powerful newsletter template offering multiple page layouts with a consistent identity design features. In this way, varying internal (or back page) information can be accommodated for within a cohesive framework. The base design offers clarity to information display and is easily adaptable to individual corporate brands.

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Brand management is an essential part of modern business. Brand is the name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or serves as distinct from other sellers. Branding guidelines are adopted by a company to ensure the consistent application of corporate assets and processes at all times.

Brand.Book is a compact yet comprehensive introduction to brand management for businesses. With real test throughout, Brand.Book guides the user through the issues they need to consider when establishing guidelines for their brand, all within a highly adaptable and stylish layout.

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Multiuse Banner “Wave”

Banner signage is a form of outdoor advertising which markets to consumers ‘on the go’. It is a portable form of flexible and reusable marketing and information communication which can reach a wide demographic. Marketing banners are cost effective and easily produced.

Multiuse Banner “Wave is a simple design which is effective in grabbing viewer attention. Its limited colour palette and clever use of white-space ensures that information can be clearly processed, while the large image space demands attention. This template is easy to customise and coveys professionalism.

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