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How To Write Website Content That Gets More Members For Your Sports Club


Passionate and energetic people generally lead or participate sports clubs. However, obtaining new members for the club isn’t always as simple as a shared sports interest. Leaders of a sports club must enthusiastically portray the benefits of joining. The easiest way to share this is via the sports club website or WordPress blog.

Article content is a great way to communicate news, features, and advice for those interested in your sports club. However, even the most active of blog writers may draw a blank for what type of content to write to keep the content flowing.

Here are three writing ideas for website or WordPress Sports blog content to attract new members to your sports club:

1. Club Game Reports

Keeping your blog up-to-date shows that your club is vibrant and thriving, a quality many people are looking for when deciding to join. Regular posts about club sports games and tournaments are the simplest way to convey exactly what your club is all about.

2. Advice for Players

Come up with a list of 5-10 tips for specific game plays, maneuvers, or training routines relevant to your sport. Share this advice on the website and follow it with a promotion for any public workshops or sports camps your club may be sponsoring. This shows you care about the wellness of your athletes and also gives the club a way to connect with new leads.

3. Photos from Post-Sport Social Events

Photos with big smiles and happy people will attract many new participants to your club. Usually these sorts of photos are most easily obtained at post-sport social events. Does your sports club sometimes get together at a local cafe or bar after an event? Take a few snapshots to share the event on your website (ask permission from the individuals first.) This shows potential members that your athletes enjoy spending time together as well as playing sports.

Have you tried writing about any of the topics above? What has been the response for your sports club?

Does your sports club website need a revamp?

Many sports clubs let their websites grow old with time. As well updating content another great way to increase those members is to refresh your whole website. A new theme or skin can make all the difference in how your club is perceived.

These days with WordPress themes you can totally refresh in minutes, a small cost considering the benefits that come from the new look club website.

A perfect example is “Sport WordPress Theme“, a super flexible WordPress theme designed for Sporting Clubs and Community Centres. See Sport WordPress Theme. This sporting club WordPress theme is a beautifully designed multi-page multi-purpose WordPress template, perfect for clubs, community centres, sports and non-profit websites. Sport is clean, minimal, modular and flexible making it amazingly customizable.