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What You Need To Start An Online Magazine

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With online readers using smartphones to read content a responsive website is a must.

Are you thinking of starting an online magazine on your favorite niche subject or trade industry knowledge? Read this article first to learn the most basic elements needed to start an online publication.

1. Responsive Website

A website is essential, of course, but a responsive website is even more important when it comes to online publishing. The interactive, responsive nature of your content is equally important to the content itself in order to keep readers engaged with your site. WordPress is a great way to set up a website with little or no experience, and getting a WordPress theme makes it all the easier to make it responsive! Check out our Scene Magazine theme for WordPress as one option.

2. Writers

Who will write all the wonderful content for your online magazine? Make sure it’s not entirely left to you. Even the most prolific writers will find that it’s good to have a team of at least 3 writers for any publication. This helps the content remain fresh and exciting. Depending on your budget you may ask guest writers to contribute for free, pay freelancers to write on specific themes or ideas, or outright hire a writer to join your company.

3. Advertisers

Contrary to popular understandings, magazines in print or online both need advertisers to keep going. Subscribers, though important, will not pay the bills. Unless you are developing a peer-reviewed academic journal with private grant money, your magazine will need to offer a platform to sponsor ads. There are a variety of options to make this successful including charging for display ads, email newsletter sponsorships, advertorial style content posts, and even social media mentions.

There are many other skills and resources needed to start and keep an online magazine functioning, but with these three essentials you can establish a starting point in the publishing world.

Have you started an online magazine? What tips would you like to share with our readers?

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