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How To Find A Niche For An Online Magazine Startup

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Finding a niche for your new online magazine startup is an essential step in branding your publication. Identifying with like-minded people will be the starting point of a successful business.

There are likely a few topics you’re already interested in covering. However, isolating a specialized niche is an important step in focusing your efforts. For example, instead of your magazine being about the topic of weddings, you may find more success by narrowing the scope to weddings in a certain location or tradition.


Just like any other business venture, starting an online magazine requires research prior to publication. If you’re interested in technology, begin by writing down the specific kinds of technology you find most fascinating. Then do extensive online searching for well-established blogs and publications on these themes. Also ask fellow enthusiasts what online magazines they enjoy most.

Finding out what already exists will help you realize the need (or lack of) for a publication on your topic. However, just because something already exists does not mean you cannot start a similar organization. Ask yourself, “Can I do it better?” to consider if your magazine would have something valuable to contribute.


After you’ve done your research, you’ll then need to consider your own expertise and experience with a niche topic.

Many start-up publication founders will also be editors and contributors for content. Thus, it is imperative that you have a good understanding of the field you plan to write about. You don’t have to know everything about a topic, but you do have to be excited enough to stay abreast of new developments and concerns.

Then What?

Once you’ve selected your niche for the new publication, you’ll then have to develop a business model, editorial calendar, cost analysis, marketing plan, and decide on a publication platform. Many online magazines now publish in the form of a WordPress blog. Again, you’ll need to research what has already been done and see if you want to duplicate or improve the methods.

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