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Flat UI Pro

Prototyping just got easier and faster with Designmodo’s release of Flat UI Pro, a user interface kit made in the flat design style. The stunning kit contains basic components, glyphs, icons and a variety of buttons and other elements made in the super-trendy style.

The Bootstrap-based kit contains everything a designer or developer needs to build a fully-responsive website in no time. (No dual prototyping here!)

Every element in the user interface kit is built on a 940/12-column grid with sharp icons and pixel alignment. The code is clean and light and can be installed in a matter of minutes. Plus, Flat UI Pro works with a base of open-source fonts so there are no hidden costs.

This kit is ideal for designers or developers looking to start a project that makes the most of the flat design trend. The kit is designed to help save time so designers can focus on creating an overall aesthetic, not working on pieces.

What’s more is that every piece in the kit is designed to match every other component. Designers can pick and choose what parts work best for a project. The included color swatches are designed to make the most of the flat design trend or can be customized to match any branding or color scheme.

Plus, the kit is built using Photoshop vector shapes, so each piece can be used at any size. Flat UI Pro can even be used to create a billboard!

Flat UI Pro key features:

  • UI kit designed for responsive framework
  • Embedded color swatches can be customized
  • Components are vector-based and retina display ready
  • Light, fast code
  • Grid-based design and pixel alignment
  • Every component can be easily modified, from color to shape
  • Easy to install