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Nice App

Nice App – Responsive Landing Page

Welcome to ‘’ a fully responsive application or service landing page.

Get higher conversions with this beautifully clean and minimalistic landing page design with super clear CTA (call to action) areas repeated down the page in strategic areas to fire visitors off to your selling page such as the android marketplace or the apple store. Also capture names and email addresses in the fully working php contact form with built in validation. Highly visible social icons for twitter and Facebook to assist with followers. 3 Large benefit areas highlight your products 3 main reasons for purchase.

Valid HTML code with subtle (degradable) CSS3 effects and a set of fully layered full designs of the landing page and also a bonus quick edit set of layered photoshop images for items such as buttons / header image and practically any other section you need to alter – quickly and easily.


  • Responsive Design
  • Clean commented HTML code and CSS code
  • Fully layered photoshop files of full design and a bunch of elements for speed changing
  • Fully working contact form with validation
  • Social Icon inclusion
  • Subtle CSS3 Effects